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issues z-wave

tunftunf Member

After a long time waiting i had some time this week, so i decided to get going with homey again. my fibaro/window sensor all stopped working, seems that all battery's are dead, which only lasted 3 months, replaced, 1 came up 4 others working but not within homey. I decided to add another one i had in stock, still no luck, not finding any device. also my remote düwi wireless wall
transmitter art. no. 054436 is not able to add. I finds a z-wave device but then cannot reach it anymore (also within a couple of cm of homey).

My zwave smoke detectors seems to be online but that is only acknowledged if i had fire as a test is not being reported so no confirmation about that.

Anyone able to help me? especially the button would be great as i would like to use it for the nanny to put on some lights instead of difficult other smart issues.


  • have you tired going to settings . zwave > remove device.. 

    i always remove the device a few times and then add it in
  • I had the same experience with my new bought z-wave devices today. As @konradwalsh says try to add / remove the device a couple of times eventually it will work..
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