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Fibaro Motion Sensor (z-Wave Plus)

JschuetzJschuetz Member
edited April 2017 in Questions & Help
since the latest dev update my sensor is sending wrong motion detection every 1-2 minutes (bath room). That means there is no human or animal but the motion sensor detects motion and sends a wrong alarm. Before 1.2.2 everything was fine. The other two motion sensors (same fibaro) have no problem. 
I excluded and included it again. I changed the pir sense value higher as default. But without success. 

Fibaro Version: 1.4.2
homey: 1.2.2


  • With a new reboot everything is fine! 
  • I have similar problems. A reboot does not help. All Fibaro Motion sensors report movement after a certain amount of time and remain permanently on motion arm. Neither battery removal nor no helps helps. Reboot brings something for a short time. Please fix fastest, has worked with the previous version perfectly. I only fight with fancy motion sensors.
  • This should be a general problem with Homey or the Fibaro app. I just move my Fibaros and Hue to the Vera Bridge, since nothing works with me. The Fibaro smoke detectors have no function. Fibaro door sensors also display incorrect values. Reboot the Fibaro app brought nothing. Complete total failure of all Fibaro components. Other manufacturers are not affected at the moment. Under Vera Plus, all Fibaros work perfectly.
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