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Homey/Pebble voice recognition service

Hi, I use the Pebble time with voice recognition and an app to send commands to Homey. It uses the IFTTT service and that works great, whether I speak English or Dutch. Pebble uses Nuance (, which recognizes voice very well. I can use my watch anywhere to control Homey and it works very nice I must say. Pebble was acquired by Fitbit unfortunately, and thats why it is not clear how long voice control continues to operate. But even without it, it remains possible to control Lifx lamps (for example) directly.

Does Athom convert speech by their-selves or do they use a 3rd party service? Lately it takes more effort for Homey to interpret my voice commands. For me it's not a big issue because I triggers most flows automatically or differently.


  • JonJon Member
    Interesting! I own a pebble time too. Could you elaborate in a bit more detail how you intergrated IFTTT with Homey and voice to get it all working together?
  • Yes, very interested in that also! :smiley:
  • This is how i configured it my alarm at home. This event turns on my doorsensor notification flows:

    I installed the app IFTTT in the Pebble store. For every (voice) command, you need to generate  a trigger in the app settings. A lot is explained in the app itself, i'll post it here below too:

    Easily initiate triggers to your (or someone else's) IFTTT recipes using your voice.


    1. You must have an IFTTT account. Get one at
    2. You must connect to the Maker Channel at
    3. Once you join the Maker Channel, you will get a secret key. Memorize it by heart.
    4. You must know how to create your own recipes on IFTTT. Each recipe must use Maker as the trigger.

    How it works:
    1. The Maker channel allows you to create triggers that are called when a unique URL is visited.
    2. When you use this app to say a command, your Pebble will attempt to visit the URL associated with that command.
    3. This should cause the Maker channel to run the associated recipe, therefore executing your desired task.

    What should I do:
    1. For each recipe you will need to set the Maker channel as the trigger and give it a unique event name.
    2. Then add that name to the configuration below so that it can be detected from your speech.
    3. Afterwards, when you launch this app, just say the name to execute that recipe.

    Advanced features:
    The Maker channel allows parameters to be transmitted to the recipe. For example, instead of having 2 recipes called Turn light on and Turn light off, you could have 1 recipe called Turn light with the parameter being on or off. The parameter corresponds to the remaining words spoken after the trigger name.


    In the IFTTT pebble app:
    1. Insert the key found here (last part of the url):
    2. Trigger: 'alarm off' command: 'IF-alarm-off'

    1. Be sure to install IFTTT
    2. Create a flow like 'IF-alarm-off'
    3. Add trigger IFTTT event name 'IF-alarm-off'
    4. add actions and save

    Create an IFTTT applet:
    1 create new, IF trigger: 'maker webhooks'
    2. event name 'alarm off'
    3. THAT action service: 'homey'
    4. Select flow 'IF-alarm-off'
    4. Save

    Tip: For quick access make a shortcut for the IFTTT app for one of the watch buttons.

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