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rjbaatrjbaat Member
Hi all,
Is there a developer that likes to build a Homey app for the mobile apps?
Its kind of working like the Owntracks app. But i think its easier to use.
It works with an http webhook so there is no need for an MQTT broker. 
Info and app download can be found here:


  • PhuturistPhuturist Member
    edited April 2017
    How is the reliability of this service? Unlike the owntracks app this relies on an external service. If is down or mallfunctioning your location tracking wont work.

    It seems you can post location updates to a specified address which can be independent of So you dont really need an app for this to work. You could enter a Homey API endpoint here to change the home/away status for a user. I have described this in a tutorial here  using Tasker. Problem with the app is that it does not allow to enter extra headers with the request, this is needed to enter your bearer token allowing you to access the Homey API. Of course you could still create a seperate app for this that opens up an endpoint without bearer token authorization but this is not the way to go if you ask me.
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