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Invited Smart Lock & Homey

Can Homey unlock the door of the Invited Smart Lock by voice command?
Homewizard currently supports this ( by app) through a secure communication via RF 868 between the chip in the Homewizard device and the Invited Smart Lock.

Invited is looking for more domotica partners and is also a Dutch product, maybe give it a try? Would be cool to unlock the door by voice command.


  • Like the product, would love when this is supported by Homey. Too bad they are so expensive

  • I may hope that there would be somesort of password. Before someone is yelling himself in from outside. :P

  • MennoVanGrinsven said:
    Like the product, would love when this is supported by Homey. Too bad they are so expensive

    And make so much noise... haha

  • There currently re-adjusting the lockhanger because of this, this will reduce the noise hopefully.

  • Any new on if and when the Invited Smart lock will be supported. I was told on the Bright Day it would be, but don't see anything about it anymore. 
  • It's on their todo list

  • I had contact with Invited as on their site they are mentioning that it could be connected to domotica systems, such as homewizzard. 

    Apparently they have a potential free contact that can be used to send communication to the Smartlock. The information they send is very limited, but it looks like they used a remote key from the door. (I have opened one to check and it looks the same)

    So it looks like someone technical skilled have to produce a workaround to make it possible to use Homey to control the invited Smartlock, and sell this solution. 


    Anyone on this forum that has the lock & skills required to create this and willing to do so?


    They sell the keys for 49,- Euro

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