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[HOW TO] Double Click Zwave.Me WALLC-S / WALLC-2 (makes 8 possible options)

Priknr1Priknr1 Member
edited March 2017 in Questions & Help
This week I was able to add the WALLC-S and WALLC-2 in the Zwave.Me app for some people requested it.
It got me curious about its possibilities in my setup, so I ordered one. 

The app has 8 options: press 1 time, and press 2 times, for each of the 4 buttons.
With the default settings I was not able to get all 8 options to work, but I found out how, so here is a HOW TO

*   Go to devices --> Add device --> Homey -->Z-Wave and click the Z-wave button


*   Press and hold all 4 buttons on the WALLC-S/2 controller for 5 seconds. (Led will blink)
*   Press Button 1 (Device will be included)

*    The WALLC-S/2 is added, Click the Settings button
*    Change the first 2 settings into  "(0) Seperately, in...."
*    Click "Save Settings"  (Popup says changes will be sent, next time the device wakes up)
*    Press and hold all 4 buttons on the WALLC-S/2 controller for 5 seconds. (Led will blink)
*    Press button 2 (wakes up the device)

You are good to go, might need to take out the battery and put it back in once. Not sure


  • EternityEternity Member
    edited March 2017
    Thanks @Priknr1 !

    Seems there is some confusions about the various versions:
    WallC is our 3rd gen old device
    WallC-S means Secure (5th gen replacement with Security)
    WallC-C is same, but with controller functions too. So, Secure + Controller
    WallC-2 refers to WallC-C in System55 compatible plastic.

    At Robbshop I see:

    Where as you talk about a versions "S" and "S2", here it is "S" and "2"....

    And the manufacturers website talks about two types (click).

    Which version(s) work with hOmey and have the single/double click x4 option?

  • WALLC-S and WALLC-2 Should be the ones working, I have the WALLC-S myself,  tested it, works. 
    So If someone could verify that the WALLC-2 has the same working functionality.......

    Folliwing are in the app
    "manufacturerId": 277,
    "productTypeId": 256,
    "productId": 257,

    "manufacturerId": 340,
    "productTypeId": 256,
    "productId": 257,

    Can you confirm that these manufacturerId's correspond with these WALLC types?

  • EternityEternity Member
    edited March 2017

    Sorry, I can't... I don't own any WALLC switches, but you made me eager to buy and test one.
    I am looking for the 2 tap x 4 option...and that is working for you with the WALLC-S you have.

    What is the difference with the WALLC-2 ?
  • @Eternity
    I think In other systems whe WALLC-2 would have more functionality,  and WALLC-2 might be able to control devices without homey??

    But for now, functionality in homey is exactly the same for both of them, they can be used in a flow (8 different ones)
    There would be a press and hold signal for dimming (for both of them), but right now, that is not supported in the app.

    so in my opinion, no need to buy the more expensive WALLC-2
  • Thanks for the answer @Priknr1
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited March 2017
    i am confused. i am looking to buy the wallc-s. but which homey app do i need to configure?
    the normal standard zwave inclusion as it is seen in your first screenshot or the app from the appstore?
  • @phil_s

    Doesnt matter.
    When you install a ZWAVE device with the app, you get some instructions on where or how to press on the device.

    But ALL z-wave devices can be added with the Homey -->Z-Wave  option.
    They will automatically be recognized and linked the corresponding app. (if the app is installed)
  • @Priknr1

    Final question from me... I hope... :p

    Have you had problems with battery life. I see a lot of complaints about rapidly draining battery's. The right controller settings seem to prevent this. What is your experience?
  • Priknr1Priknr1 Member
    edited March 2017

      I only received mine yesterday, so I cant tell.
    But There are 2 settings about unsollicited battery reports, and about waking up.
    Turning both off will probably improve battery life.

    As for me, I am going to replace a regular switch with whis wall controller, and I am going to remove the battery and attache a 3v power supply,k  so I will never have a dead battery.

    Dont forget: if you change the setting for Battery status / waking up,  you have to wake up the controller afterwards.
    (press 4 buttons for 5 seconds, and then press button 2)
  • thank you @Priknr1
    for your answer!
  • bvbbvb Member

    I have the wallswitch WallC-S V2 and paired it with Homey.

    Now I want to controll with button 1/3 (Up/Down) a Fibaro Roller Shutter and with Button 2/4 (Up/Down) another Roller Shutter.

    If I hold the button 1 or 3 and release it, the Jalousie should stop at the current Position.

    How do I configure this Scenario.

    If I create a flow, I can only choose up and down...

    Do I miss something? Can it be solved with associsations, but how does this work?

    Thanks for your feedback


  • bvbbvb Member

    Found a solution for me...

    I created Flows for each button, 1 up, 3 down, 2 up, 4 down.

    When pressing down butten and the Jalousie runs, it stops if you press the up button.

  • tcarnaltcarnal Member
    bvb said:

    Found a solution for me...

    I created Flows for each button, 1 up, 3 down, 2 up, 4 down.

    When pressing down butten and the Jalousie runs, it stops if you press the up button.

    Hi bvd,

    Could you give me some screen shots of your switch settings?
    i have a similar switch from devolo and have changed the settings in the switch as the picture above.
    but for some reason im not able to get the damn switch start a flow.

    the z-wave log shows activity from the buttons.

    if you could show me some screen shots ill be very happy

  • @tcarnal   did @bvb get back to you on this?

    Did you follow the how to, to make the settings as I descibed there?
    Because when you did.

    Just make a flow, for example:   Button 1 press, is blinds go up.    Button 2 press is blinds go down.

    Now when you press button 1, the blinds start going up.  As soon as you press button 2,the blinds should stop going up.
  • Hi Priknr1

    nope didn't get back to me.
    unfortunately the Devolo's i had didn't work for some strange reason. Followed the steps as described but it was a no go

    i returned the switches back to MediaMarkt

    i bought the Nodon switches and they worked without issue.

    so my problem is solved but unfortunately not with the Devolo switches

    thx for your response
  • bvbbvb Member

    @tcarnal ; you go...

  • bvbbvb Member

    Hi, I want to share some expereince with my WALLC-S Switch. It was not working properly and did sometimes nothing. I excluded the devide and tried to include it, but the inclusion failed at some point. So did the game several times...

    After replacing the battery, the inclusion was working.

    Again, if you Switch works not in every Situation, just replace the battery :-) 

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