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Boxee Box

As Plex is being supported, since it is installed on a PC or integrated in a TV, it would be awesome of Homey will support Boxee Box as well.
For those that are not known with a Boxee Box, it is a all-round media device that running on Linux, and plays like Plex and XBMC movies as well stored on a NAS or external USB device.


  • Fire69Fire69 Member

    Isn't Boxee a fork of Xbmc/Kodi?
    Should be OK then too...

  • It's a form of yes, but it isn't Xbmc or Kodi. There is a way to install Kodi (Easy) and Xmbc (complexer) on Boxee but it makes Boxee unstable.
    Currently Boxee isn't supported anymore but still sold, so community 'cracked' the software open to update it themself. Would be great if Homey can support it.

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