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Homey Tokens.

Hi All,

I'm struggling with tokens. I found out how to register and unregister tokens but i could not find a way to read or set a token.
I'm now setting a token by unregistering and registering a token. is this the way to go?

function settoken(token_id, token_name, token_type, token_value){    Homey.manager('flow').unregisterToken(token_id);    Homey.manager('flow').registerToken(token_id, {        type: token_type,         title: token_name    }, function (err, token) {        if (err) return console.error('registerToken error:', err);        token.setValue(token_value, function (err) {            if (err) return console.error('setValue error:', err);        });    });}

Thanks in advance


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