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(Neo Coolcam) hide on/off button in mobile app

lourenslourens Member
Is there a possibility to hide the on/off button from the mobile app so users cannot switch off the device. One of my wall plugs is on the washing machine and I would prevent that users can switch that off.
I use Neo coolcam wall plugs.



  • @lourens there is currently no option to make the on / off button optional / configurable in the mobile interface.

    You can move the device to another page (with no other commonly used devices) so that you don't accidentally switch off the power plug.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    Would be a nice to have!

  • TedTolboomTedTolboom Member
    edited March 2017
    Just to set the right expectations: This is not something we can implement from within the NEO app... but requires a change in Homey's core...

    For next questions, please pose them in the NEO topic:
  • A complete rebuild from scratch of the mobile apps would be great to have. Seems still a long way to go since there putting work in the current versions of the app these last 2 weeks. 

    I find the current mobile apps unsuitable for controlling a domotica system. No main control page. No way to hide the risk buttons no reports. 
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