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homey's user happiness

just curious, if i am the only one..
Do u have your homey turned off/unused, waiting for a better firmware/performance?


  • switched on, all main things are working ok, except for the speech recognition, still have to stand 1m apart from Homey to use this function, so not very user friendly yet
  • G4nd41fG4nd41f Member
    edited March 2017
    I am still using it as there is currently no alternative supporting that many devices to me. Most things are working although Z-wave could improve a bit in reliability and speech is a catastrophe (so I have an Echo dot now). Everything else is fine.
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited March 2017
    Three homey's spinning, one at home on 1.2rc6 and two at work running 1.1.9 and 1.2rc6. Except for the part that i'm on dev preview and beta channel of apps it's running oke :) Combine several devices from lifx to hue and neo to fibaro etc. Offcourse there is room for improvements but Athom is working on it :) 1.1.9 is pretty stable except for the known bug with zwave that can occur 
  • I have moved all my stuff from HC2 to homey and all good !   ( lights , alarm, temp, outdoor lights , milight )   FW 1.1.9

  • On!! Works pretty good even speech:-) and yes always waiting for an update. Gives you something new to play with.
  • ZperXZperX Member
    Those who don`t use their homey or sold it they are not active on this forum. I am neutral, some things are superb: Wide range of apps, 433Mhz range, voices but some things are below expectation: speech recognition, IR, Z-wave range. But of course it depends on the use case and luck. Speech recognition works for some, Z-wave range is not an issue for those with a mesh.
  • Not using it at the moment. Waiting for more flow editor functionality. I guess it is very difficult to add some basic functionality since I am waiting for it since day 1. I was not planning to create 100+ flows and certainly not when there is a risk to loose it all during an update. Bought me an Echo Dot to talk to (and get a response) ;-)
  • JschuetzJschuetz Member
    edited March 2017
    I am only missing a better mobile app and groups. Because i don't use the speech! It's to slow to control my device with the app. To much steps are neccessary, open app, choose room, scroll down to device. That's the reason why i use ifttt buttons for lock, unlock door, de/activate alarm, choose cooking/bath mode (set the countdown timer up), start cleaning.

     But all automatic stuff is working really good.

    My devices:
    -1x harmony hub (could be better - instabile)
    -4x  sonos speakers
    -1x Danalock
    -4x Fibaro switches
    -2x lifx
    -8x hue lamps
    -1 hue switch
    -1 hue motion sensor
    -Samsung (new app with tizen support would be awesome)
    -eq Max! (not in homey)
    -2x neo Power Plugs
    -1x Philio Door/Pir Sensor
    -4x PIR Sensor Fibaro
    -2x Aeton Power Plug
    -1x Xiaomi robo cleaner ( Homey and IFTTT Button)
    -IOS and Android presence with ifttt
  • Turned on and couldn't live without it :)
  • Working with me! Not 100% at everything, see comments from others. I keep buying and adding new devices, up to now quite happy.
  • Sadly, switched off. I was waiting for speech recognition to improve but at least now I can order an Amazon Dot and begin taking advantage of the enormous flexibility Homey offers!

  • edited March 2017
    On of course. Do miss some flow logic, when, and, do combined with when, or, do, and also miss a decent media integration (not even happy with proposed 1.2 features). But have good hopes when Alexa / Google Home steps up the plate. It's very stable, love the current fibaro, nest, pioneer, panasonic, marantz, hue, netatmo, thermosmart currently in place. Communication & roadmap is a real disaster / I was expecting much more. Overall I'm happy & love the progress.
  • MennoMenno Member
    Eating dust waiting for FW
  • Very happy user here.  All my WIFI, Zwave  and 433 devices work perfectly fine with Homey. Of course there is room for improvement. The flow editor could really use OR and ELSE functionlity. The Android App is not really useable but I have worked around this with homescreen shortcuts that trigger flows through the HTTP or BetterLogic app. Speech is working reasonable as well. I get about a 70% HIT and 30% MISS ratio on my voice commands (my Homey is on a bookshelf at eye level and nothing much surrounding it that could mislead the microphones). Also part of the speech functionality is having it say stuff back to me on other events than voice triggers (like tell me the news and my agenda in the morning when I enter the room). This is more  in line how I see home automation anyway, do stuff based automatically.

    The main thing that influences my customer happiness is the lack of focus on delivering features and how Athom communicates about their roadmap / backlog. The bi-weekly posts on what is going on just doesnt cut it. The roadmap on Trello shows that a lot of stuff is being worked on simultaneously but it does not show any priority like a product backlog.  Athom should stop starting and start finishing and delivering! As example, the Bluetooth functionality was enabled a long time ago but has not my implemented at consumer level. Something is holding them back but no official communication has been made about this. And why not fix the thing that is holding them back instead of starting with other stuff like improvements to Insights.

    Just my to pennies.
  • HansieNLHansieNL Member
    edited March 2017
    On. Still running Domoticz too because of a much better phone app. Also IR is still not working as wanted.
    Happy with what Homey can do already.
  • OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
    edited March 2017
    Always on... being the center of automation in my (small) home.

    Speech recognition is used for several tasks, but I have to admit that Homey and I use the same desk most of the day. I sometimes grab my phone when there's more distance.
    What I just don't understand... Why is there no support for regular bluetooth/wifi speakers and microphones? This would be THE way to turn your whole house into Starship Enterprise.... eeeh... I mean to talk to Homey wherever you are in the house.  And when it comes to Sonos... Why can't Homey talk through Sonos Play:1? 

    So... there will always be wishes but overall I'm very happy with Homey as it is... and I feel more happy when I think about what it can become.

  • Easier to manage and setup then Domoticz but still some niggles on 1.1.9 that severely impact WAF:
    - Missing detection frames from Fibaro motion sensor
    - App not as intuitive as it could be
    - Speech non-functional
  • I'm on 1.5.7 and a heavy user with many connected devices and about 28 apps.

    Overall I'm not happy. After the initial release of Homey, everything was beta and we needed to accept it. Which is fine for a product like this, coming from Kickstarter. Actually after that beta stage, Homey worked really good for a few months. But at the current state I have a lot of issues:

    • Homey performance is horrible. Even though it really fulfils a gap in my home automation. the hardware is lacking any modern requirements. Insights is almost not useable as it takes minutes to get simple results in a graph. I achieved to have Home completely unresponsive after requesting humidity info from one sensor.
    • Z-wave reliability is poor, the range seems to be improved. (Devices with "Armed" property can have a null value? What is that?)
    • After about 8-16 hours my homey doesn't speak anymore, the light circle is yellow and a reboot is the only option. In that state, Homey does work. It just doesn't talk, software reboot is enough
    • Speech recognition is not useful. Compared to other solutions it feels like something from the 90's. 
    • I do like the way you can define flows and connect different type of devices easily. Also the way to connect it to 3rd party solutions or build your own apps is fantastic.

    In summary: After 1.5.0 the whole device is slow & unstable.
    I think it can only be solved by serious hardware upgrade, but hey; I expected something that would work for a bit longer.......

  • No need to reply to a thread which is one-year old. You've stated the same in numerous other threads. Closing this thread.
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