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Reset energy consumption monitoring through Homey (e.g. in a flow)

A lot of devices support energy consumption monitoring. Is it possible (don't believe it is today) to let Homey reset/erase the consumption memory of a device in a flow? e.g. at 00:00 hrs every 1 day of the month/year?

If I look into the Fibaro dimmer 2 manual for example option b states it can be done by some controllers:
Resetting consumption memory:
Dimmer 2 allows to erase stored consumption data in three ways:
a) By resetting the device (see „Operating the device” on page 12).
b) Using functionality of a Z-Wave controller (see the controller’s manual).
c) Manually clearing the data using the following procedure:
1. Make sure that the device is connected to the power supply
2. Press and hold the B-button for a few seconds, until LED indicator glows GREEN
3. Release the B-button.
4. Press the B-button briefly
5. Energy consumption memory has been erased 


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