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Count Z-Wave Node ID

Hi @all,
is it possible to change the Node ID? My devices count from 1 to 9  and the next device has Node ID 25. See attached image.

BR MadMax


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited March 2017
    The ID is chosen by the z-wave chip itself, athom/homey has nothing to say about that.
    it works incremental (+1) for every inclusion.

    so everything between 9 and 25 either failed or is deleted.
    to reset you will have to reset your z-wave network and resulting in you resetting and including all devices again, and hoping none of your devices fail to include somewhere.

    or just live with that your id's are not incremental in homey
    (you don't really need to work/use with ID's anyway unless you associate device(s) directly)
    the rest all works with the name you have given the corresponding device
  • Hi,
    thanks for the info. Then I will probably re-learn the devices ...
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