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[ SUBMITTED ] TP Link HS100/HS110/HS200 app

anneanne Member
Hi all,

I have submitted an app controlling the TP Link (wifi) smartplugs HS100 (no energy monitoring) and HS100 (with energy monitoring). The HS200 will probably work as well, it would be great if someone with could verify. 

The app can be found here:

Currently supported triggers/conditions/actions:

The default for the 'socket' class:
Triggers: 'turned on / off'
Conditions: 'is on / off'
Actions: 'on / off / toggle'

In addition to this I have added actions to switch the LED on and off. 

Mobile capabilities:
Turn on / off
View energy monitoring (total, power, current and voltage)

While updating the README I realized I forgot to look at implementing flow logic based on the energy usage, I'll look into that next. 

The TP Link API offers many other hooks and possibilities as well, see: (the result of the very 'grundig' reverse engineering by the people at, :) ). I might look at adding a configuration option to enable/disable the cloud functionality (accessed through the TP Link 'Kasa' app) by changing the cloud URL. While the Kasa app isn't bad, with Homey you don't need it, and you may want to remove this connection to the cloud. 

There's a function in the hs100-api to discover plugs, that would be a good feature to add as well. 

Regards, Anne


  • anneanne Member
    Correction: I was testing the HS100 driver which doesn't have the energy monitoring options. In the HS110 driver you do get the power related triggers ('energy/power has changed'). :-)
  • Anne doe je deze app ook in de AppStore want ik weet anders niet hoe ik deze app op me Homey krijg
  • anneanne Member
    De app moet nog door Athom goedgekeurd worden en verschijnt dan in de app store.

    The app has been submitted, waiting for approval by Athom. It will then appear in the App store.
  • Oké thx 
    dat is alles wat ik kan in Engels maar toch bedankt
  • anneanne Member
    The app is now available in the app store:
  • Currently when I try to open the app on the store I get an not found message. Did you remove the app? 

    Another question. Do you have plans on supporting the lightbulbs?
  • anneanne Member
    Something is going wrong in the app store. On friday I added an alpha version with some significant improvements (bugfix allowing multiple devices to be used, and autodiscovery of new devices) which I shortly after promoted to 'beta', requiring approval by Athom.

    I can still see the app as normal in the developer dashboard, I will ask Athom if they can have a look.

    About the lightbulbs, I don't own any, I'll have a look.

  • anneanne Member
    edited May 2017
    The issue in the app store has been resolved, I have published the new version of the app. When adding devices the app can now autodiscover new smart plugs (one at a time). Note that 'new' is a relative thing, if you restart the app, any plug it finds will be considered 'new' at the moment. You can then click 'autodiscover' again, and it should find the next plug. And you still have the option to enter the name and IP adres manually. 

    I forgot to include a check on the model of the smart plug, I have added this for the next release. I think I will add that and then promote it to the stable channel. 

    I want to add some additional features relating to autodiscovery and dynamic IP's, but I need to purchase a second smart plug to properly work out the details for that. 

    BTW, the TP-link lightbulbs look good. They use the same API with some light-specific commands, it makes sense to include them in this app. Now if only one webshop had both the HS110 and LB130 in stock at a good price... :/ 

    Update: I have submitted an update (v.0.0.4) with some minor tweaks to the stable channel. The autodiscovery now works for both new and previously discovered plugs, but only for the model the driver is for, ie. the HS110 driver will not autodiscover HS100 plugs and vice versa. 

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