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KlikaanKlikuit WST-8700 and WST-8800 unable to pair.

After an update some time ago all my flows got lost. annoyed by this I left my homey in the corner for a while. Now that I want to start using it again I wanted to add my three klikaanklikuit wall switches. No luck, they don't want to pair. Now, because its some time ago that I used them I figured the battery's must be empty, so I got some new ones and replaced them all. Now that I am trying to pair them with homey I have a problem.
None of the switches want to pair.
anybody have a clue how to troubleshoot this?


  • Are you paring the switches right next tot homey?
  • Did you reset the switches first?

    Another option as found in the APP store
    "A tip from a forum member helped: The very old KlikAanKlikUit do work with the Action app. (Eurodomestic)"

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