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How to write parameters in a Z-Wave device from a flow

In earlier versions it was possible to set parameters from a flow.
Now I can not find it anymore.
Is there still a way to do this?


  • the (a) developer needs to create their own flow cards for that.
  • OGSOGS Member
    Is it possible to add this to the fibaro app?
  • Which parameter for which device are you looking for?
  • OGSOGS Member
    I want to set the dim level in a fibaro dimmer. 
    For example: between time x and y the dimming level at push on should be lower then 10%
    this is fot the childrens bedroom so it won't wake them up when the light is turned on. 
  • TedTolboomTedTolboom Member
    edited March 2017
     So the forced brightness level (parameter 19)?

    :D was expecting this one.. Using the same principle on the central corridors in our house... working like a charm.

    I already added a set forced dim-level action card for the Dimmer-2; currently in the Beta Master brach of the Fibaro app:

    There are some minor details awaiting in a Pull Request to be implemented; but this does not effect the functioning.

    Note: dimmer-1 does not have this parameter

    I will also add parameter 10 (Timer functionality) as action card (again same corridor usage)...
    all others are more setup related and thus not really meaningful to change over time.
  • OGSOGS Member
    Of coarse I only have dimmer 1. 
    If you can add parameter 40 for dimmer 1 I would be very happy. 
  • If I find some time this week, I will have a look to add parameter 40 to settings (also missing) and add it as an action card.

    But, I am not able to test it myself (don't have a dimmer-1).. so it will be based on information available.
    if I provide a link towards a GitHub repository, would you be able to test it?
  • OGSOGS Member
    I have some of them already in place so testing is possible. I never did an install from GitHub so that is something to explore. 
    I also looked at dimmer 2 parameter 19, when set can you still change the dimming level with the switch?

  • TedTolboomTedTolboom Member
    edited March 2017
    Yes, with parameter 19 set on the dimmer-2, you can still change the brightness with the switch or with Homey. It only affects the brightness when you switch on the dimmer (1x click on the switch or through a sensor). If setup, 2x click on the switch will set maximum brightness.

    I will add a small guide to the Fibaro App topic this evening.
  • thumb up @TedTolboom
    for the guide!  :)
  • OGSOGS Member
    I just noticed I mounted the last dimmer 1 today so I will have to order new ones for the bedrooms so that could also be dimmer 2. So at the moment there is no hurry. 
    A global card to write a parameter to a device is still a nice to have. 
  • I would not advice to give users a global card.

    it will disalign the settings inside homey and the settings that are in the device.
    this can create a lot of confusion, maybe not for you, but for the ordinary user will.
    (Expert parameters inside the settings are still being shown) 

    It also creates a risk since the user needs to know about signed or unsigned, and if the value is wrong it can cause a flow of data towards homey, making homey unresponsive.

    with the flow card by the developer this won't be the case. 
    It can be limited for that specific purpose and the settings inside homey can be changed accordingly as well.
  • Fully support @caseda's comment... 

    Please also be aware that the documentation (on parameter definition) is not always self explaining and complete. e.g. the manufacturer provided manual of the Dimmer-1 does not provide parameter sizes.
    For a number of devices manuals and databases are contradicting or even wrong on e.g. parameter size or ranges (determining if input need to be provided signed or unsigned or even in HEX).

    I will add action cards for parameter 40 (Dimmer-1 only) and parameter 10 (Dimmer-2 only). 
  • OGSOGS Member
    I also do agree with it if you put it that way. 

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