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Zigbee implementation

madmaxmadmax Member
edited March 2017 in Questions & Help
Hi, I am a proud owner of a Homey since yesterday and am thrilled. I have been able to successfully integrate my Fibaro Roller Shutter. Since I still have some Hue lamps I can not integrate this without Hue Bridge. When can you handle the implementation of Zigbee?


  • Basically if there's an app for it 
    , it'll work. But unfortunately with the philips hue you need the bridge. You might be able to get them rather cheap second hand. 
  • to further on the information, the zigbee chip inside homey is still deactivated, but they will activate it in the near future.

    especially now that Ikea has brought out some zigbee based lighting they have put it a little higher on their to do list, but definitely not on top of the list yet.
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