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Benext Heating control

I am looking for a "not too smart" thermostat  (no extra apps, no user info in cloudapps with user detection etc.) and Benext heating control looks perfect.
It works with a lot of conventional thermostats and that would be great for Acceptance Factor from the family.
Last month I sent them an email and they told me that they were speaking with Athom about support for more of their products.

Hopefull posting in this forum makes more people enthousiastic and perhaps speed things up

+1 for Benext Heating Control with our Homey


  • B3rtB3rt Member
    will be added soon, they are working on it, i send an email allready to them and got respnd back that where working on it.
  • Doesn't it already work? Since it's z-wave. Homey should be able to talk to it. 
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    no it is not reqonized as a temp controller, it will be added as a unknown z-wave device.
    For each z-wave device there should be drivers made in the controller to get it fully to work.
  • Really wondering how they are going to do this since I got the only official benext app, lol.

    But I'm willing to hand it over to them if they want to.
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    dunno, they answered to me that they where working on it, maybe you could add this?
  • Good te hear that progress is made!
  • Is there an estimate time when this will work ? Thx in advance.
  • I got an email from BeNext. Unfortunately they told me that there was no progress in collabaration with Athom or developer that they are aware of.
  • DD Member
    Too bad, this would be a great device to use with Homey.
  • MecallieMecallie Member
    edited January 2018
    Is it an idea to make a feature request for this? I will be changing my heating soon, and I will be getting a heatpump boiler. This device looks great: no smart cloud, but smart enough to integrate in to Homey!

    EDIT: never mind. I see that it is already supported by Homey. Nice!
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