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[App] Numcatch

OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
edited March 2017 in Apps
Numcatch is now available in the app-store.

Numcatch searches for numbers in a text and splits them into individual figures for use with keypad-controls like TV-channel selection. Optionally certain texts can be converted to a number first.

Possible application:
* Select TV or Radio channel by voice.
"OK Homey... Set television to channel 202"
"OK Homey... Set television to Discovery Science"
"OK Homey... Set radio to 3FM"

The app-page description shows an illustrated example for selecting TV channels with flows.


ps: Thanks to @jeroenbos22 for some settings-page code from his "Better Voice" app.


  • OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
    edited March 2017
    I found a little bug on the settings-page that will be removed in version 0.9.1
    -  The save-button might not show after deleting a text-replacement item on the settings page.
    workaround for now: Add a new empty replacement and save.

  • @OpenMind_NL Very handy app!! Thanks!
  • v1.0.0 is waiting for aproval.

    * Redesigned the settings page for better usability:
     * Prevention for entering useless characters. Allowed are: A...Z, a...z, 0...9 and space.
     * New setting to enable/disable translation of text-numbers to figures. (like 'one' to '1').
     * Maximum number of text replacements increased to 200.
     * Bug removed: If texts were partially similar, the shorter text could prevent the longer text to be replaced by a number. The longer text now takes precedence over the shorter one. (example: Discovery / Discovery Science). 
     * Changes are saved automatically.
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