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Can I integrate homey with monitoring system?

Hi all, I am here to get some suggestions.  I and my grandmother are staying together in a rental apartment.  While going to work I have to leave her home alone, which is making me rather disturbed.  We had a caregiver here and she left one month back due to some personal reasons.  So now my grandmother is not willing to hire a caregiver.  But since I am concerned about her safety I am thinking of installing a monitoring system.  We have a homey at our place. But my question is can I integrate this homey with my monitoring system.  If so, can I monitor all the things taking place in my home? I would like to get some suggestions on this. Thanks in advance.


  • It all depends on the "monitoring system" and the openness/connectivity options

    Personally I'd build something myself, get a synology NAS and a few camera licenses 
    buy some supported IP camera's and link them all to homey* 
    add in some zwave door sensors, PIR's, panic buttons etc. and you should be good to go 

    *personally i'd also add a domoticz installation to the mix as a backup or intermediate solution, then you also need a zwave usb stick 

  • What type of monitoring system are you using? Integration depends on that.
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