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How can I assosiate Danfoss with Fibaro Motion Sensor?

As said in the title. I have no clue how to pair the motion sensor for temprature readout, with Danfoss. Can anyone help me?


  • I was looking into some way to set up a flow. I just can't seem te figure it out.
  • Sure u can. Just post the flows here in a day or 2 so we can all benefit from it.
  • What we came up with is this. And for now it seems to be working. It's when the sensor temp is bigger then the set temp. It needs to set temp low.

  • I'm not a expert on these things but you flow say's now:

    Motion temp = X      AND temp X is higher then set temp THEN settemplow.

    I think you meant temp X is lower. So mark the check box so the text says is lager of kleiner dan,
  • Aurelia said:
    Nee, ik bedoelde de middelste kollom.
    Ik neem aan dat je een boolean hebt gemaakt dat als die aan gaat de verwarming aan gaat.
  • No it need to turn off. That was my mission in all of this. 
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