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[NEW - UPDATE] Enelogic and YouLess (v2.0.5)



  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited June 2017
    Wowee! A water meter was just added to the YouLess device driver. v1.0.7 is pending approval in the app store :)
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    What device  (hardware) do you use for the watermeter?
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited June 2017
    YouLess LS110 or LS120. I'm using LS120 P1 myself for power and gas. And with this additional driver I use the optical input of the LS120 with the Vitens type 1 watermeter. So now I have all my power/gas/water meters in Homey connected through one YouLess device.

  • Optical input of the LS120 the Man (= gruijter_dev)  says. But whats on top of the watermeter to measure it?
  • Well, just the LS120 :) But you need a water meter with a rotating mirror. 

  • How many of you forum junkies have a water meter with a rotating reflector like me?
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member

    Brand new, apparantly one pulse/litre but no mirror :(

  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited June 2017
    Is the dial rotating? Or do I see a LED on it? If it is rotating it might still work. If it provides a light pulse, maybe also... 
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    is meant for my watermeter... But 82,50, that's a lot for the bit water I use.... But perhaps in the future...
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited June 2017
    If you have a YouLess ls120 already, you might get it for free :)
    I think the optical sensor can see the difference between the white background and the red dial surface.
  • If you have a YouLess ls120 already, you might get it for free :)
    I think the optical sensor can see the difference between the white background and the red dial surface.
    Gruijter  i also have a new Falcon PR6, but using the optical sensor ond the red dial surface i have no result. Using a seperate Puls sensor would be great. Also it should look nicer in the metercupboard. I don't know if it is possible to use the P1 port for the gas and electricien meter and the S1 pulse port using the
  • @janhomey I already discussed the scenario you are describing with Youless. The S1 input is able to be monitored seperately from the P1 data. I already received beta firmware for this some weeks ago. But the exact implementation by Youless is not finalized. I'm waiting for them to finalize the monitoring protocol before I will implement it in the app. My intention is to definitely do this at a certain point in time. But my father is terminally ill, so my priorities are somewhere else for the moment.
  • Hi  @gruijter_dev, Good to hear you're working on it possibly usable in the feature, I will follow the thread. This has no priority. Blessings for your father. Take care.
  • Thx! Appreciated.
  • YouLess firmware 1.4.0 was released this week. I have updated the app to support the S0 now. It will soon be available in the Homey app store.
  • I'm trying to get the water meter to work but without any success. I'm using a Youless LS120 with firmware version 1.4 .0-EL and a water meter with a rotating mirror (see picture below).

     I've tried different placements of the youless meter but the water consumption won't leave the 0L/min. Can someone please explain the placement of the youless meter or give me some directions to fix this issue. one other thing which might be of importance could be a rather slow network performance (ethernet over powerline adapter). I've also noticed that there was a red blinking light coming from the sensor when starting the youless meter, should this red light blink more frequently to capture the rotating mirror or should it only blink once during startup.  Anyway some assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited October 2017
    @elgar Super that you are giving the watermeter a try. I'm using it already for a couple of months and am very happy with it :)

    It is experimental, so the setup requires some attention. I will give a more detailed howto guide here.

    Step 1:
    Enable the optical sensor in the Youless by selecting "analogue" as the electricity meter type. Don't worry: your P1 meter will still work! The LED on the bottom of the youless will now continuously be turned on.

    Step 2:
    Placement of the youless on the rotating mirror. First cover half of the rotator with black tape like this:

    Then place the youless so that the light of the bottom LED is centered in the non-covered part of the mirror.

    Step 3:
    Adding the water meter device in Homey

    Step 4:
    Checking the right placement of the youless. Switch on the "log raw optical data" in device settings.
    Now open a tap in your house or flush a toilet to use water for about 1 minute. Then go to Homey insights and check the raw optical data you collected. It should look similar to this:

    Optimize the placement of the youless device on the water meter to get maximum difference between the top and bottom values. For me the minimum value is around 450 and the maximum value is around 900. Try to get at least 300 difference between max and min. Check if the max and min values in the device settings match the graph in insights. If after replacement of the youless device the max/min values are incorrect you can change them manually.

    After optimizing the placement of the youless, turn off the "collect raw optical data" because this mode uses a lot of Homey and network resources! You can also switch off "automatic calibration", since this should now already have filled in the max and min values.

    Step 5:
    In the device settings, enter the actual water meter value and check the pulses/m3 setting. The pulses per m3 are usually 1000 (meaning the mirror will rotate 1000x per m3, which is the same as one rotation per liter).

    Now it works!

  • elgarelgar Member
    edited October 2017
    Thanks a lot for the  thorough explanation. I don't think I would have been able to figure it out myself without you pointing me in the right direction. The end result is an almost correctly functioning water meter which is a great thing. I still need to do some tuning to get the maximum difference between the top and bottom values above the 300 (my m3 readings are slightly off so it's probably missing some rotations of the mirror). I'll let you know when I have it working as it should. Anyway, thanks a lot for spending time on this detailed elaboration. 
  • Welcome! B)
  • Major app update to v2.0.0! (pending approval now)

    I rewrote the enelogic app from the ground up to make it compliant to the new Homey sdk2.

    I added password support for youless devices in the process.
    I also added filtering techniques to get rid of unreliable meter readings (this is actually caused by a bug in the Youless firmware, and will be solved in an upcoming 1.4.1 firmware of the LS120).

    Because 2.0.0 it is such a big update I have entered it as a beta in the app store. If some beta testers could give i ta try and let me know how the migration works, I would be obliged. I added a debug log screen in the app settings tab of Homey.
  • I can't find it in the description. 
    Is it also possible to read Gas values with the LS110?
    I don't see any difference between the LS110 and the LS120.
  • No. The ls110 cannot read gas. Only the ls120 has a smartmeter P1 connection that includes gas readings.
  • gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
    edited February 2018
    The Youless LS120 has new firmware available. This fixes an issue that would result in occasional weird meter readings with older smartmeters (DSMR 2). Also it fixes some other issues with the youless device. I advice all LS120 users to upgrade to this new firmware:
  • I want to help you to convince youless to make Water Support better. Your software works great and it reads everything that I wanted. Now I can do the things all my own and I don't need the Toon for it. I really like it.
  • Hi @Daniel007

    Great to hear you like the app, and super that you want to support in getting native youless support for the water meter.

    Could you send a message to Youless about the water meter request? You can mention my name (Robin de Gruijter) so they know exactly what it is about :)

    There is a contact form for youless available here:
  • gruijter_dev any news on the S0 readout ? I want to readout my water meter too. I have my water meter 5 meters from the P1 meter box , so i will have to place wire between the optical sensor. As far i understand i can take the S0 input to let this work ?? (sorry newbie) Also when i look at the P1 from beNext is see they don't need a power source since the take it from the P1 meter. Any idea this also works for the Youless ?
  • Hi @michelkamp The S0 interface on the LS120 is operational with the latest firmware, and is supported by my app. I have never used it for water metering myself, but I do think that with the right pulse sensor for your water meter it should work. In my app it would show as power (kWh and watt) in stead of water flow (m3 and liters), but if that is not a biggy for you I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use it.

    The youless device needs external power (I use power from a free usb port on my router), and I believe a pulse meter also needs power.

    After quickly checking the benext site I think that indeed certain smart meters provide power over P1, but that would depend on the type of smart meter you have.
  • michelkampmichelkamp Member
    edited March 2018
    indeed , looking at the ports the powering could work or not with some meters

    Trouwens voor 10 euro en wat tijd kom je ook een eind met het bouwen van een P1/S0 met wifi connectie

    niet dat ik hier zin(lees tijd) in heb maar misschien voor de andere onder ons. ;-)


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