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Amazon Echo now has Plex skills

Chalk up another win for the Echo! Maybe now I finally get Plex working by voice  :)


  • Looks cool.. If the guys improve speech recognition and parsing I'd be able to add this to the Kodi app :)
  • Nice!
    Perhaps Netflix wakes up and give back there API
  • @WathLamers, could you not just tie the Harmony app and IFTTT to trigger Netflix? If you set Netflix as an Activity it should work, I think?
  • Yeah! I tried it out last night, it works like a charm! I've to say: it works better than the Kodi integration that I had set-up before (

    A obvious huge upside is the fact that the integration works out of the box; you just have to download the official skill. Whereas I needed to setup a Lambda and AWS account to get the Kodi add-on to work, deploy the script via Python and make tweak the configuration. Still pretty doable but someone with less tech skills is gonna have a tougher time. Additionally, the user experience with Kodi-Alexa isn't great. It could be a problem at my side, but I don't seem to be able to start TV shows by voice and I run into recognition problems..

    So for everyone who just wants to tie local media playback and voice together without too much fuzz: definitely go check it out. Personally I'm actually quite happy with the Plex Alexa skill although I would love to use Homey for this ;). If only the voice recognition would... Haha.
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