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app request: virtual motion sensor

Who can create a app which does the following:

- act as a 'virtual' motion sensor

An external device does a API call to homey to this app, the app then acts as motion detector.
In the app it should be possible to set an auto off time (as you do often on the sensor it self), if there is no new api call the virtual sensor should report after the set time to no motion.

When to use this?
- for example for (IP) camera's which have PIR an event server options build in, they can call a url/api on movement (often by the build in PIR sensor) and you the can use it as a 'real motion' sensor (including tag etc). Axis camer'a have this kind of options. The sad thing is they only can trigger on movement, not again when there is no more movement. For this the virtual sensor should have an option to set teh movement to of after a while (only on LAST trigger timestamp ofcourse).

You could also use this for other scripts to simulate presents.

I tried to solve this with the app http get request, but to get this to work i have to create several flows and use several apps. On my old unit (vera) someone came up with the virtual motion sensor, this was simply great.
In your flows you could use this as a normal 'real' sensor and you did not have to create for each virtual sensor a lot of flows etc.

I hope someone see this as a great app and could create it.


- also would be handy to have a 'virtual' present app aswel, the same functions as the build in but one you can set your self and not by home detection.


  • I use virtual home detection with Smart Presence, and have the trigger set a Better Logic boolean to which I connect a bitflip-device. So usually home-detection works automatically but I can also set it manually.

    As for virtual presence, you could create a BL-boolean and again use a bit-flip-device. When set, start a countdown-timer which turns it off again after some time. If in this timeslot the boolean gets set again, the timer is re-set...
  • Thx, but it is not the same as a app what should do this.
    With beter logic you have tot create for each  virtual sensor a variabele and triggers to do this. In an app you only should have tot create the virtual device and that is it. No extra flows etc, it is a bit cleaner and nicer.
    At the moment i also die it this wat but i have tot creatie a lot of flows etc .

    About the present, how did you get homey to  believe someone is home if the app states you are not?
    I mean use the flow 'someone is home' or ' nobody is home' or 'user XXXX is home' etc if you do nog use the Honey app on the phone.
  • I live alone :-) So if variable "basthuis" is false, I'm not at home :-)
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