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Homey does not detect users coming and leaving home anymore using the homey app

I have 2 (ios) user which must be monitored if the are at home or not.

Homey does not see any of these 2 users anymore if they are home or leaving....

I dis en enabled the home detection function in the app, removed the users from homey an re-added them, i even removed the homey app from the phone and reinstalled it.

What i do Homey simply does NOT detect none of these 2 users, resulting flows which depend on present do not trigger/work at the moment.

How can i fix this and is there someway a way to see if a user is 'present' or 'away' according to Homey?

Maybe there is an other location option which works better then the homey app to do this?


  • HarmStellingaHarmStellinga Member
    edited January 2017
    Smart presence app, works good for me
  • The other day I had an issue with one user where home detection did not work. It turned out the 'home radius' geofencing setting was set to 0m. Apparently this had the effect of disabling home detection altogether, even though the 'Use home detection' setting was enabled. May be worth checking.
  • Thx, but the lowest setting i can choose with the slider is 100M (i use the IOS app).

    @CorvdNiet read it, but no solution to fix it...
    @HarmStellinga on IOS this does not work, the iphone stops responding on ping when the screen turns off, IPS wakes in very little intervals to do its stuff, but the smart present app does not detect the IOS phones when it goes into sleep (screen off) mode.  It works fine on android or windows phone, but not with an iPhone.

    The solution could be a bluetooth connection to the phone, when it connects the phone is ome otherwise not, but sadly i cannot find any option to pair a BT device with homey, this regarding homey should supports a BT connection.
  • If I want to use the presence of my partner, can i use the app, or do I have to make a second account for her at Athom?
  • Here the same, with Android Homey sees when a user comes home or leaves, but with IOS Homey doesnt do anything
  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited January 2017
    folkert said:
    If I want to use the presence of my partner, can i use the app, or do I have to make a second account for her at Athom?
    He/she can use the app on a personal device with an personal account. So create an new account and invite that email address to your Homey on the settings users/ gebruikers dashboard.
  • Try to wiggle the geofence distance slider a little bit et voilla its working again. 
  • Not for me (iOS)
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