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Looking for a smart alarm clock

Hey everybody,

do you know a device like a normal clock which can push http-request, z-wave or ifttt? A smart alarm clock. 
I wanna use a hardware alarm clock to set my alarms. And when the first alarm is triggered it should be able to send a request. 

For example:

Alarm 1: Start lights with 10% and play Sonos 1 with 10% (5 o clock)

Alarm 2: Start lights with 50% and play Sonos 1 with 20% (6 o'clock)

Alarm 1 is the first Alarm, Alarm 2 is the second alarm for my girlfriend. 

I hate it to use many apps, and i travel a lot. That means, if i am in a hotel, i am using my iPhone. And it would be very annoying if my app would turn the lights on at that moment. 

Nice to have: A separate Snooze button: If i push it, the sonos paused but the lights are still on for xxx minutes!!!

Actually i only need a normal alarm clock with the buttons, wifi support and the possibility to push own commands. 


  • Not an answer to your question, but if you have an Android phone (I see you use an iPhone ;)) you could use Sleep as Android icm Tasker to automate these things. I use it a lot.
  • I have a Beddi, which they are going to release IFTTT for, and had programmable buttons. (3 buttons, 9 functions)

    But it al depends on the release of IFTTT support.

    Its a very nice clock though :) And U can automate it a bit already if you have the right hardware.
    Without IFTTT, cooler then kello and bonjour, can be delivered directly, proven to work. Disadvantage : somewhat more expensive...
  • I have backed Bonjour, thats a very amazing Thing. 
  • I ordered Beddi and i will test it. Thank you very much!

  • 19:24 Set up maker channel for BEDDI
  • Me:
    Any news on integration with home automation devices? Such as Homey? Or are you keeping it on IFTTT level ?
    From Witti  (BEDDI)
    Thanks a lot, Luc! I really appreciate it. We do have a few integrations done already - you can take a look at the same video - but Homey isn't one of them. At least for now. In any case, your feedback is noted and I will definitely bring it up in our next design meetings. Thanks for pointing it out, feedbacks like yours really help us improve our products. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    So IFTTT it is for now, it works with a few seconds delay. But that is acceptable for me in the morning as well when going to sleep.
  • Ok, i will try it if my device is here. But i think i will use the native hue/lifx support.
  • It's a difficult choice with all the clock radios on the market. I want to add another one: Vobot. I don't have one myself but I found it after making an inventory of the available clock radios. It has the functionality of a Amazon Echo/Dot with IFTTT functionality a display. for about US 50 / Euro 50. 
  • Oops, I just noticed that Vobot is only sold in a few countries. I think only US, UK, Germany and Austria.
  • Lametric. only good answer
  • I looked elsewhere because an earlier post indicated it didn't support IFTTT. 
    I checked the website and it supports IFTTT, Hue, Amazon Echo and a few others.
  • ehdegrootehdegroot Member
    edited February 2018
    i guess i have totally no idea what your issue is... but i just will tell you this:

    i use icalandar to voice to check my google agenda for if i have to work. (i still don’t depend on it but it really works now for 100% of the times) If so in an hour, it will set my hue light to 30% but slowly, and start to play my Sonos.

    to snooze, you could use these type of buttons:

    with homey you can easily add two (or even more) alarms.
  • kennySkennyS Member
    I have created something like this witch uses an rpi and 7" display. Check out the npm repo for smart alarm clock You can set 2 alarms and it sends out webhooks at the alarm times. You can use this to trigger ifttt or homeys webhooks to trigger flows. There is also an early trigger which you can specify an offset to the alarm times to Preheat your home using nest orso. There are also 3 custom buttons for custom actions and a radio function which takes a webstream URL.

    Check it out, if people want to help always welcome.
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