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Observation about the Z-Wave blog

DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
edited January 2017 in Questions & Help
Athom has posted a blog about Z-Wave with some general information and how Athom integrated Z-Wave into homey, an interresting read: I do have a remark though, as I don't think this is explained right:
For example, most battery-powered devices have a ‘Wake Up Interval’, which is the amount of seconds it’ll take for them to be reachable to receive commands, e.g. new settings or a GET command. Upon pairing, Homey reads this value, and optionally set a new value if the app developer provided a new value.
This seems like a more acurate description:
Battery powered Z-Wave devices such as sensors or remote controllers are sleepy – they turn off their receivers to save energy, so you can’t send them commands at any time. Instead, they wake up at a regular interval and send a WakeUpNotification to alert other devices that they will be listening for incoming commands for the next few seconds. The WakeUpIntervalSet command is used to configure both how often the device will wake up and which controller it will send its WakeUpNotification to. When the controller gets the WakeUpNotification and has no commands to send to the device, it can send WakeUpNoMoreInformation to tell the device that it can go back to sleep.
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