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Controlling Magnum X-treme thermostat through pilot wire

Hi all,

It turns out the Magnum X-treme thermostat I use for the (electrical) floor heating in the bathroom has a pilot wire input. I think these are quite common, so perhaps the following is of interest to others.

I received an overview of the function from Magnum, see below. By using a double relayswitch (for instance Fibaro FGS221) each connected with a diode (with reversed polarity), you can signal four different states via the pilot wire (on, off,  "comfort", "eco"). It seems there are two additional signals that can be used to lower the target temperature with 1 or 2 degrees. 

See and for details on the setup. 

According to Magnum the pilot wire function does not work in combination with the internal heating program. If true it would be a shame, the easiest/most convenient application would be to just lower the temperature while away from home, and letting the thermostat fall back to the program while at home instead of letting Homey control the entire heating plan. I guess this is a matter of trying it to see what happens exactly. 

Another question is whether it makes sense at all to down-regulate a slow floor heating system while away, and if so, what the parameters should be. If away for the day/weekend I guess it could be useful to switch it to the low (night) setting. 

I just did some calculations on how much electricity the system used the past year, it's actually not that much at all. In my case I guess it doesn't really make economic sense... It does make a fun project though :-)

Regards, Anne

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