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Which Chromecast to use?

Here's a little newbee question:
Just wondering about my Philips Android TV. My Homey flow editor tells me, It has probadly a build-in Chomecast, but I have also a Chromecast connected to the rear of the TV. So , I see two chromecast now. Should I only use the build-in or better the external chromecast? What do you think?


  • Iam also having a philps android tv with on board chromcast, but only got problems with it... lot of times its not working and must clear the memory and restart the chromecast app on the tv. 

    So i also using a external chromecast plugged in a port wich work perfect. So to give you a answer i would use the external one
  • i would test both and use the best working.
  • Thanks for a reply guy's. I have to agree with you.  Looks like my Philips onboard 'chromecast' is not so stable as the external from Google. I go for a second Chromecast from Google. At least that works fine. 
  • Is that Philips onboard 'chromecast' even a full featured Chromecast? Or is it just a 'Miracast' implementation? In my experience, Miracast will work for YouTube, and for simple things like casting photos from your smartphone to your TV, but for very few other things. Chromecast is much more flexible.
  • I use a chrome cast despite the fact that my Samsung tv supports cast pretty good. Never regretted having a chromecast for a second, so go for it!
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