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App on github ZMotion + Zwave device of Express Controls also know as the Homeseer HMS100.

This app is made for the EZMotion + Zwave device of Express Controls also know as the Homeseer HMS100.

The app is called someZwave to make it possible to add other legacy or rare Zwave devices to Homey not current at the momemt but popular in the past when Zwave was founded.

To fully understand the device settings , see yuu can use the poll interval only if the device is not battery powered

there is an action flow card created for if temperature goes below a certain value.


  • Hey

    Firstly, thanks for creating this.. I really appreciate your hard work

    I have 6 of the Express Controls EZ Motion 3 in 1 devices..

    I attempted to add one and it failed..
    So I removed it and added it again several times...

    All I get is a single card with a single function as a switch that toggles based on motion.. I cannot see temp, lux

    Am I misunderstanding something? I have looked through your code and see you have the code the features I am missing..

    I have attached images that might help explain my point

  • konradwalshkonradwalsh Member
    edited April 2017
    Ok.. so... I am trying to figure this out...

    I amended your code to allow for my sensor info - as product type 2 and product id 2
    I readded the device using the amended code
    and now I have a card that shows Batt/Motion/Light/Temp
    Batt shows as 100%
    Motion triggers
    But no LUX or Temp

    One thing I check is the create flow triggers to see if the values are there but hidden.. but no...

    any ideas?
  • if my app isnt working with an hms100 or eztronic device   you can use

  • NattelipNattelip Member
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