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Mobile device Picker

Has someone the code to implement a picker as described on


  • for what capability do you want to implement it?

    i'm currently using it in one of my apps as mode selection of a thermostat (eurotronics app)
  • KoenMartensKoenMartens Member
    edited January 2017
    Yes. See

    Basically under mobile-components (sorry for terrible formatting, can't get it to work properly):

    capabilities": [ "onoff", "volume_mute", "source_selected", "volume_set", "soundprogram_selected"],
     "mobile": {"components": [
    {"id": "picker","capabilities": [ "source_selected" ]}


    "capabilities": { "source_selected": { "type": "enum", "title": { "en": "Selected source", "nl": "Geselecteerde bron" }, "getable": true, "setable": true, "values": [ { "id": "HDMI1", "title": { "en": "HDMI1" } }, etc
  • I am trying to make a button in the mobile app so i can see and select the homewizard preset.

    Thanks @KoenMartens
    I used your script but it doesnt work.

    "capabilities": {
    "presets": {
    "type": "enum",
    "title": {
    "en": "Homewizard preset",
    "nl": "Homewizard preset"
    "getable": true,
    "setable": true,
    "values": [
    {"id": "0","title": {"en": "Home","nl": "Thuis"}},
    {"id": "1","title": {"en": "Away","nl": "Afwezig"}},
    {"id": "2","title": {"en": "Sleep","nl": "Slapen"}},
    {"id": "3","title": {"en": "Vacation","nl": "Vakantie"}}

    and after driver

    "class": "other",
    "capabilities": [ "presets"],
    "mobile": {
    "components": [
    "id": "picker",
    "capabilities": [ "presets" ]

    The error is : 
    Error: invalid_capability_id
    capabilitiesTypes_error component: Object {id: "picker", capabilities: Array[1]} device: 
  • Anyone?
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