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Aeotec range extender

Does anyone have experience with the aeotec range externder combined with homey?
I'm adding the device, but orange LED remains on.

This are the settings of the device:


  • i have two of the same working here,the constant orange led will say that it is paired and workable
    inside homey thats all,sometimes you will have to play with the position of the extender in your house

  • Thank you. 
    I feel it does not matter very much. It looks like the homey have some problems with the z-wave range. I read more about it.
    I have multiple Aeotec Smart Switch 6 devices. If i have answitch 5 meters from the homey than it works perfect, but 1 meter further no signal.
    Maybe not mesh network with the devices?
  • I also have bought a aeotec range extender 6, but I can't add it into homey. Does anyone recognise this problem and/ or know how to solce it?
    I have the app aeotec installed and try to ad the sensor by clicking the button, but homey doesnt finds it. I have the device close to homey, so it should work i guess.
    I hope anyone knows the answer.

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