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Tag labels in a flow-card need a device text-addition.

OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
edited January 2017 in Ideas & Suggestions
I love the possibility to use any tag in any flow, but there's one thing I'd like to see updated.

At this moment, when you hover your mouse pointer over a tag that's used in a flow-card, you'll see a popup-label that shows the complete tag-text.
But... when in the same flow I hover over a similar tag from another device, I'll see the same discription.
This is not a problem at the moment of flow-creation, but when you come back later to edit the flow, it's impossible to see which device the tag belongs to.

Below I added an (dutch) example picture that compares two temperatures (sensor in the livingroom and sensor in the garden) to check if the airco should be turned on (outside is warmer) or if blowing in some cool outside air would be good.
Both tags show the same label;  Temperature. I would be so happy when they would show like: Temperature (Living room) and Temperature (Garden)  B)

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