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Will Homey support the ring-pro doorbell

The ring doorbell is one fast growing IOT device witch gaining popularity every day.
Can I expect support for the ring in the near future?  \

checkout the youtube video  


  • No you wont. RING doesn't contain an API. When browsing there forums I found that they might add this in de future but there is no chatter about a date anywhere. You could however use IFTTT if you want any kind of integration. Both Homey and Ring support that. I personally use this allready to notify Homey whenever there is a dooring.
  • mruitermruiter Member
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    There  is already a recent Ring topic in the forum.
    Please use search before creating a new topic all over.

  • I believe someone started working on a app based on an unofficial PHP API integration with the ring doorbell. So there might be an app but without guarantees that it will keep working, at lead until Ring decides to come with an official API. I emailed them about this and there reaction was that they where indeed thinking about it but it won't be there any time soon.

    I personally would not like to rely on IFTTT because of the show responses. (That's why I bought a Doorbird that does have an open API).
  • iDudeiDude Member
    How do I authenticate the homey to my Ring doorbell.
    I can't find anything in the settings
    Who can help me out?
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    Settings -> Ring. Ring Authentication.

  • iDudeiDude Member
    thanks found it
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