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App logo's and icons non transparent


I am working on an Horstmann thermostat app.
I created 2 SVG files, for the thermostat and the boiler control unit.
When I open them in an editor, they show up black and white. (so no transparent background)
But when I start the app in homey, the white parts of the logo do appear transparent.

Any ideas?


  • That's normal SVG behavior. That's why they use SVG to create this effect.
  • But logo's from for example, fibaro look okay. Which are also SVG

    See example below, It is the visionSecurity app. In which the first 2 devices where already there. And the  "Garagedeur" is something I added. See the difference.

    Think this is automattically improved when the app is from the appstore in stead of installed by NodeJS?

  • I think you need to inverse the colors. What is now black, should be white, and vice versa.
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