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Ask for nothing? (no confirmation on a question, to start action)


I am trying to let Homey ask me a question and let him take an action, if there is NO answer or stops the flow if there is an answer. Better, if it is any answer, not just yes or nog, but any words.

Example 1:
- Homey: Is anyone home?
- <silence during the orange ring>
- Homey: Turns lights off

Example 2:
- Homey: Is anyone home?
- Human: Yes, I am. (or just any word)
- Homey: Turns the lights on

Anyone an idea if this can work? And what flows I need?


  • @Rocodamelshe is working with this...
  • Here is how i do it:
    When saying "Ja" nothing happens and lights stay on.
    When saying nothing at all, all is to bed, lights go off.

  • at 12:45?
  • at 12:45?
    Why not?  :*
  • 12:45 AM :D
  • That works, but only with a specific answer. If you say 'yep', 'yes', 'ok', 'natuurlijk', 'houd je kop'.... Homey still turns of the lights..
  • That's cool, u can use this for ur first example then. I'll fix u another for ur 2nd example
  • I've got still no luck with making the right flows.. 

    What I need is this:

    If precens score <1, Then Ask question        (Homey: Are you still at home?)
    If any answer, Then start flow A        (Human: Yes, ahum, ok, yep, ja, miauw, joehoe, or just any words (or sound))
    Else start flow B        (complete silence, no words are spoken, no sound is heared)

    When the 'else' function is implemented by Athom, the last part should work. But the first part not..
  • BumblezBumblez Member
    edited January 2017
    How about:
    - If presence score < 1, then set a variable "NoOneHome = 1", start a timer and ask a question
    - If any answer, then set the variable NoOneHome = 0, and start flow A
    - If the timer reacher 0, and NoOneHome is still 1, then start flow B

    No need to wait for the else-part implementation
  • That should work. I guess that can be used in any situation where an 'else' is needed. But 'any answer' isn't possible at the moment.
  • BumblezBumblez Member
    edited January 2017
    Well, actually, even the 'any answer' would be possible...

    1. If presence score < 1 and the variable NoOneHome = 0 , then set "NoOneHome = 1", start a timer and say "Anybody home?"
    2. If user says anything, and "NoOneHome = 1", then set the variable NoOneHome = 0, and start flow A
    3. If the timer reacher 0, and NoOneHome is still 1, then start flow B   (in this situation, don't forget to set NoOneHome back to 0 at some stage... for example as soon as the presence score goes back up.!)

    Note that in (1) I don't let Homey Ask a question anymore, he just says something.

  • And what trigger do I use for flow nr 2.? :open_mouth: There is a trigger 'homey starts listening', but that is onley triggered when I say 'ok homey'..
  • BumblezBumblez Member
    edited January 2017
    good point, I completely forgot about the "ok homey" requirement there... okay, forget my previous post, that won't work.

    So I guess you'll just have to train the people in your household to respond with a clear "yes" when Homey asks them. Otherwise Homey will turn off the lights... so they won't eaisly make that mistake a second time   ;)
  • Hahaha lol. One day speech recognition will be that good, that homey understands all the humans here in house.. 
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