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Remote control led candles

Has anyone managed to make any led candles work? What's the best way? I want to hook some up to my light switch. Thanks


  • Are those the bluetooth candles or IR?
  • Not sure yet. I don't have either. I was just wondering if anyone had made any work?
  • I managed to get the IR-candles to work earlier this year but since then didn't try it again. Also, IR has gone through a rewrite so don't know if they still work...
  • It works... sometimes. Mine are IRbut the IR is really crappy on Most of them
  • I have been looking into it... but decided to buy some realistic looking LED candles (single color), which have a build in timer.. on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours...
  • Always working (but I'm cheating) I use the harmony hub/remote and in Homey use the Harmony app also using the Ebode IR extender PM10C to blast IR through my whole livingroom
  • Playbulb candles work pretty good with the playbulb app....they are bluetooth controlled...
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