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Need Help with Motion Sensor Flows only if lux < 200

JschuetzJschuetz Member
edited December 2016 in Questions & Help

i have 3 areas with motion sensors for all areas i am using 4 flows like this:


IF variable KitchenPresence is true then turn lights on and stop KitchenCountdown 

IF variable KitchenPresence is false then start KitchenCountdown timer 60 sec.

IF KitchenCountdown reach 0 then turn lights off

IF motion sensor off then set KitchenPresence false

IF motion sensor on then set variable KitchenPresence true

All motion sensor (Fibaro) are set for "night only" mode but they are sending motion alarm all time. It's very stupid to use 4 flows for every room. It would be easier to set this for all if we could use groups and how do you set this only in the dark? I think i will need a fifth flow for every area to check the lux status in it and set an variable like KitchenDark (Boolean). But then i need a second flow for setting the variable to false if no light is on and if the lux is less than 200.

But 6 Flows per Motion Area are too many flows.
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