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Puls with Fibaro relais and Fibaro dimmer 2

Hi all,

I just bought a very special lamp, which is controlled via a puls switch (like my Fibaro dimmer 2 uses) to control the light electronic schenes AND a traditional on/off switch. On the place the lamp hangs, there is just 220v. 

I added a Fibaro dimmer 2 in the lamp armature, to on/off the lamp remotely. I also add a Fibaro relais 1 (FIBEFGS-212) to simulate a pulse switch. The lamp is 4 meter high in a loft (vide).

Then below in the wall switch, I added 1x Fibaro dimmer 2 which enables an S1 and S2 switch. I enabled the S2 switch by adding the 28,1,1 parameter. 

I can't get it to work in the flows. What do I do wrong? Thanks for your advise!


  • you don't need to add the parameter, it is on by default in homey.

    but i'm not sure what your situation is,
    you are trying to control a dimmer 2 (at the lamp) with the other dimmer 2 (in the switch),
    but to trigger that dimmer 2 you are using a single relais 2 (in the switch) to create a pulse?
  • Hi Caseda

    Thanks for responding. I found that using quick on/off of the fibaro relays (or multiple on and then off) does the trick and creates the same effect as pushing a wall-switch. As it had to be a potential free connection, the relays seemed the only option.

    Case closed and all working again in my home. Looking at my old Vera and Homewizard, it feels that is 20 years back in time now :-). 
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