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Bose RF remote signals

DinoDino Member
edited April 2018 in Devices

Does somebody have some experience with a Bose remote and the RF signals of it ? can homey learn these Bose remote RF signals as well ?
I would be very happy if that would be possible smile 



  • I have similar question for the bose lifestyle 235 system that uses a remote control with RF. Would love to control this through the homey
  • I have a Bose 3-2-1 GS Series and I also want to use Homey to control it. Someone?
  • Beside that I don't have a Bose System and are only technically interested,
    You don't give much information about the used system.

    The only things I could find using Google Bose RF  remote frequncy are
    • Post from ~ 10 to 15 years old on a forum with dead links to ir to rf  remote converters.
    • Bose claiming to have a ~ $1000  costing solution. (in 2001)
    And one link from an enthusiast with:
    Reading that post,  assuming that is the correct rf system all your Bose systems use...

    That wil not work from Homey using only software. 
    Homey has no hardware to send or receive on 27 Mhz.

    The only solution I can think of is building a 27.145 Mhz rx/tx circuit like in that post, that can be controlled by a system (arduino,  raspberry or ....) and can be controlled from Homey (via WiFi,  BT, 433, etc) using an app. 

    Cheaper and faster solution is probably buying a new by design internet connected system that provides  an API  and has already an Homey app.... 

    If you look specially that would be Bose, also find someone to create the app for that API

  • Thx for this detailed response. I don't know if this helps but I can use the buildin IR device of homey and use the remote from the Bose to learn keys. I see the homey receives the input when I press a button on the remote. Only I cannot use these leaned keys via homey. The Bose does not respond when I use them in a flow. 

    I also have a Logitech Harmony 555 and with that remote I can control the Bose. The Logitech database knows this device.

    Again, I don't know if this info helps but I find it strange that homey receives the IR commands of the Bosr remote but cannot use them
  • ...
    I also have a Logitech Harmony 555 and with that remote I can control the Bose. The Logitech database knows this device.
    So if You use a Logitech Harmony with IR , your remote probably doesn't use the "Propriety" Bose RF (= Radio Frequency) remote?
    Then, this isn't the correct discussion I guess...
  • roel_hendrroel_hendr Member
    edited August 2017
    I don't know exactly what you mean. What I wanted to say is that I can ALSO control my 3·2·1® GS series II DVD home entertainment system 
    with my Logitech Harmony remote. As you see below it is supported by them:

    I think the Logitech Harmony remotes send only IR commands, not RF. If these are able to control my Bose, why is Homey not doing this?

    I've added a IR device to Homey and were able to learn some keys by pressing them about 15 times. I see Homey receives the commands while pressing and I can assign buttons to them. Only when I start using them in flows in the THEN column nothing happens when the flow is executed. So it looks like Homey can receive the commands, but while sending them its not picked up by the Bose device.

    I'm not familiar with the technical details inside Homey, but when it can receive the commands from the logitech harmony remote or original Bose remote, then I would expect it also to be able to send them to the Bose directly. 

    Any help would be useful here, for now the Bose is my audio system which I want to use it in different scenario's like watching TV, movies, series, listening to music, etc

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