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Somfy RTS



  • MunnikMunnik Member

    1. When I say sunscreen (not blinds) up, the app responded with "I shall open the sunscreen" and viceversa...
    2. When I say sunscreen close or open, it has the same problem. Close is open and open is close.
    Problem 2 is solved when I inverted the signals, but problem 1 will stil be an issue.

    The problem is caused by the commands, the commands are created for blinds and not sunscreens.

    For sunscreens it should be:

    Sunscreen up = Closing sunscreen (sunscreen is rolled up, no shadow anymore)

    Sunscreen down = Opening sunscreen (sunscreen is rolled out, creating shadow)

    A sunscreen command is not the same as a blinds command, so can this be adjusted or added?

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