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Connect Google home to homey?



  • awilsawils Member
    EvertorN said:
    Is a physical Google Home devices required for this integration? Or is it possible to link Homey to the virtual assistant on a Google Pixel?
    @EvertorN, you don't need a physical GH, Google assistant on any phone with English settings should work.
    In fact so far I've found the physical GH refuses to acknowledge the Homey at all, while the Assistant on my S7 Edge will talk to Homey if I've got the language set to American English.

    Perhaps I need to change the language on my physical GH as well?
  • Do you have multiple accounts?
  • In iOS I need to set the region to us as well.
  • Removed all languages on my phone. Installed English (US) again. Rebooted my GH via Google Home but still unable to link with Harmony
  • EvertorNEvertorN Member
    edited July 2017
    @Jeroenski74 Any hints on where to look though? I cannot find the assistant settings in my Google Home app, because I don't have a google home :). (I do have a Pixel)

    EDIT: Found. It's as simple as setting the phone to US English, open the assistant and type 'talk to homey'
  • Ok I had added the service via settings->assistant apps but could only do it after setting the language to US
  • @EventorN good it worked out eventually!
  • awilsawils Member
    Do you have multiple accounts?
    I do have multiple accounts, but only one on the physical GH and I'm using the same account with my phone assistant.

    Phone assistant is 50% accurate in talking to homey or trying to find me a homie. Unless I type the commands, but that misses the point. I'll keep experimenting... but I still can't get the physical assistant to recognise that I'm speaking to homey.

    I do find that so far the abilities of the physical GH and the phone GH are quite different- ability to create appointments, call contacts etc...
  • @awils have you tried shortcuts in Google Home? If I want to turn off the TV I say:

    Ok Google turn off the TV. This will sent 'Ok Homey, turn off the Telly' since I'm using a Harmony to control the TV and don't want to use the internal flow.
  • awilsawils Member
    Now you see, it's information like that that makes my day... I'm off to play with some shortcuts now! Thanks for the heads up.

    Mind you it'll only work if I can get my physical GH to talk to homey at all...  ;)

  • @awils, if you have connected Google Home to the same account (Google Home on your phone->More settings->account) as the one that is working on your phone: check via home button long press, then icon on the upperright corner->dots->accounts. And Language is English (UK or US) it should work, can you show some screenshots?
  • awilsawils Member
    Yeh, the problem turned out to be my physical GH needed the language changed as well. Which is a shame because I far prefer her voice as British not American but I'll take it. The shortcut is working nicely- there's a few second delay but I'm not sure what more could be done about that. Thanks for that tip!

    One question though- If I say 'kitchen lights'... it turns my zwave lights on- great. But then GH says 'sure, let's get homey' and homey says 'I'm sorry I have no feedback on that' (even though the lights are already on). Is there any way to remove this feedback loop? I'm just happy that the lights are toggling, I don't need homey to tell me he didn't get it every time...
  • Are you triggering a flow through GH to Homey? If so, you can add a response to the flow. GH will reply with that response.
  • awilsawils Member
    Ah a blank feedback in the flow- briliant, thanks.
  • Shortcuts could improve big time if it was possible to combine two / three instructions.
  • @hnijveen
    Did you get the google home app on iOS from the US store or local app store?
  • Local, but do set Language & region to US (my pref) or UK
  • Ok, thanks!
  • Hi
    Homey app is nowhere to be found... Where can I find it? I have found for example Philips Hue in the list and installed, but can not find homey. Please help

  • NicmanNicman Member
    edited August 2017
    Hi and first of all thank you, but I still have a problem, I can´t find:
    Assistant Apps, at least not homey....

    Is Homey supposed to be among other apps as Hue, nest and others? 

    Or is it so that Homey app isn´t available in Sweden?

  • No, change location / region to US (or UK, maybe some other). The check & search for the app.
  • Hi!

    I have changed location on the unit to UK, doesn't´t work. The strange thing is that I don´t have this in the app:
    1. Under "Services," tap Assistant apps .   I have not the "assistant apps".
  • This is how it looks like in my Google Home app. I have my phone set to US.
  • Strange... I don´t have the assistant apps.
    Are you in EU? and only change location settings in your phone?


  • Next problem, how in the he..... can I change location on the and/or phone...
  • I'm from the Netherlands. Settings for changing your phone to US can be found here:

  • If it still doesn't work, do a frs (15s button hold) of the GH after you did set the preferred settings on your phone.
  • Hi! I will try this tonight
  • Unfortunatly it doesn't´t work... I can´t get the assistant apps.
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