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Wink Relay: Touchscreen Wall Control Panel | Affordable | WiFi & ZigBee

Hey Members!

I just came across this product:

It's a dedicated touchscreen wall control panel. I have been looking for such a solution for a very long time and this one looks very powerfull, sleek and affordable (one for 99 and two for 149). So Homey integration would be very nice!

Who else would like this?


  • Cool ,
  • WimstradamusWimstradamus Member
    edited December 2016
    Looks really nice, i'm interested.
    to bad its only 120v as far as i can see.
  • Really cool, I like it!

    Unfortunately it looks like US only. The installing process is based on US gangbox and is not compatible with the Dutch standard. And of course 125V instead of 230V.

    You could contact them and ask if they are interested in making an international version... Don't forget the "homey" requirement :)
  • Cool you guys also like the unit!

    @RuudvB ;
    I'll will contact Wink and ask them if they will develop an Europe version of the Relay.

    For the people reading this that are also interessted.. please comment below that you are.. I will include this thread in my mail so they can see that people in Europe want their product ;)
  • Awesome product ! Hope it will be make for a 230V 
  • Looks great. Would be nice if it could work with Homey (in Europe)
  • Very cool!
  • very nice
  • I dont can believe that Wink produce a EU Product for us. Nothing since then Wink produce Smart Home Products is ever released in the European. 
  • I'd be interested as well! 

    @brot84  : What has never happened might happen if enough interest is shown.. 

  • exactly what i am looking for... Eu version that is..

  • Looks good! Sign me on! And there for you need to buy 2 of them, then you can set then in serie!
  • Actually, it looks really nice. And it seems that you get 2 for only $99 which seems like a bargain.

    It is not too hard to overcome the 110V problem (with something like this), however:
    - the converter should be built in the wall somehow, may require some fiddling
    - it is unclear to me if the lights are switched by actual mechanical relays, if so, this could be used in our 220V homes, but if not probably is useless as a switch.
    Some other things I wonder about:

    - can it be used standalone, without a hub? It seems it can, but I cannot find a conclusive answer on their site. 
    - does it require a Wink account? 
    - could it be 'hacked' to accomodate Homey? IFTT seems like an unreliable method for this... There is an API:

    Still... considering the price... I think I'll order a set.

  • I read some stuff on their website, and it looks to me that you also need the Wink hub to get the Wink relay touch panel up and running. Furtheron you need a rather huge hole in your wall to accommodate the panel. Thats not to much of a problem in the plasterboard US houses, but it is in our concrete/brick european houses  :)
    But it looks great, the API looks promising and the price certainly is ok.
  • No, the hole required isn't that big. If you take a look at the userguide  that's explained pretty clearly, although it does seem to use another form factor (square) than what we're used to.
    Anyway,  I don't think the size is prohibitive - but large for sure: 6.6" W x 5.9" H x 1.2" D (16.8cm x 15cm x 3cm)

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