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sensitive strip

the sensative strip with homey firmware 1.0.3 and the special sensitive app (rename driver)
is also not working,constant alarm here
the addition of 1,1,0 makes no differences


  • You would have to wake up the Strips after manually setting that parameter, but they should already be set when adding the device to Homey.

    When you place the magnet in front of the sensor and then remove it, how often does the LED on the sensor blink?
  • ok thanks for the message
    i paired it again,led blinks three times and it is paired,solid vieuw of the battery but the alarm stays on
    this started with the homey firmware 1.0.2
    are those strips working with you with homey 1.0.3

  • @satbopper I'm already using 2 sensatives since v0.8.x or so. All updates till today, so including 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 did not make any change. Open/closed is still working very well.
    Remark (or maybe better a suggestion): in my case I experienced that in placing the magnets there is just a very small tolerance. The quite low temperatures during the last few days suddenly gave a false alarm so I had to make a correction of a few millimeters. Maybe, could that be the reason for your problem after the recent update?
  • i will have a look,thanks for the suggestion
  • @JanH indeed it was a connection problem allthough the pairing always succeeded
    i moved the magnet and the strip more to each other and eureka it works
    well done and thanks for the hint
  • @satbopper you are welcome. That's where this forum is for!
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