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Im looking for a keypad which can be used in combination with homey. Ideally i would like it to be a Zwave plus device since all my other devices are zwave plus. 

So far I found 2 options: 
  1. Zipato Mini Keypad
  2. AD2000-M combined with a fibaro binary sensor
Both of these options are not Zwave plus and are not really good looking devices. Does any one know of any Zwave plus devices?


  • Saw that the benext rfid reader was available in zwave+ but Homey has to handle the rfid tags i don't know if the app/homey can do that.
    Tried it with my Vera controller a year ago but no succes.
    I made the AD2000-M with binary sensor, the keypad handles the tags instead of homey and signals homey if tag is ok.
    Works great for me got normal zwave and zwave+ devices in my home.

    For the future i would like to see Homey handle the tags/fingerprints so you can identify the person coming in, and apply personal settings.

  • casedacaseda Member
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    the benext rfid reader only sends simple information (like a user ID), no rfid tag information or anything, all those checks are happening on the reader itself.

    I don't know if there ever will be a good wireless reader that can do that in ZW5 (Z-Wave Plus) range, i think there will need to come an update before that will happen in z-wave level or at least a firmware update for knowing how to handle that kind of information, safely

    yes the benext is going to be available in zwave plus soon again. this looks like it could be a nice option. I guess I missed that topic in the forum, now to find out if it works with homey :)

    There is an app in the store only the keypad is not yet supported by the app. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to add it.
  • I've ordered the ZW5 benext reader, so hope to add it to the app when I recieve it. Will be somewhere around december I guess.
  • FreeFragsFreeFrags Member
    edited November 2016
    That would be great. It's the last missing piece of my DIY security system. 

    I saw theyour will be in stock around 14th of Dec 
  • My door entrance solution, it works very well and more importantly, my family likes it:
    I use a Dana Lock (zwave/vera lite) on our door and a Raspberry Pi with NXP NFC reader that runs a python script as a service. The Pi with NFC reader is behind a (double glass) window, family members can use an NFC key (3 euros) to open the door (Pi / python recognizes NFC chip, makes http call to Vera / Dana Lock on home network). Homey is triggered by Zwave using a webhook and Homey says: "Door open" or "Door closed". Alle events are logged to a database and last action + door status is visible on mobile webpage. When an unknown NFC chip is detected I receive a Telegram message. The Pi has two LED's to indicate what the Pi is doing when it sees an NFC chip (opening the door, closing the door or false ID).
  • @MrDutchfighter I ordered one too, FYI i found some cheap tags which will probably work with the reader they are on sale:
  • Cool, mine arrived earlier this week. Hadn't even have time to open the package yet :( Hopefully some time at the end of this month to start the implementation of the keypad.
  • FreeFragsFreeFrags Member
    edited December 2016
    Nice I hope you do find some spare time. Unfortunately this month is always kind of busy, but this would make a great christmas present  :D

    I have no experience with creating apps for homey yet otherwise i could of helped a bit. Mine arrived today too  :)
  • NOTE: when the Tag Reader 500 is included into a non-secure Z-Wave controller the product can’t be used for entry control purposes neither will the keypad or RFID reader work. If the product doesn’t work as expected please check if your controller has support for Z-Wave security layer. 

    will Homey support this?

  • Good question, I hope someone can answer this question. I still have 13 days to return the pad  :)
  • Homey can support every device that is on the market, and will get on the market in the future, if the z-wave chip they are using is Z-wave/Z-Wave 500/ZW5/gen5/Z-Wave Plus. 

    They have no plans at the moment to update the chip itself. 

    So homey can support it yes.
  • Ofcourse only problem is making the app to support all features.
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    So, I started on the implementation of the Tag Reader 500. Think it's gonna be a lot of work, but made a start on :
    The plan to implement the tag reader is as follows:

    - After user paired the tag reader. The user can supply a tag or user code. When a tag or user code is provided and the hash provided to Homey is unknown in the EU Benext app settings. Create a new user ID and send this user ID to the device.
    - When another Tag Reader is paired and a known tag is provided (known within the EU Benext settings) then we send back this ID so that all tag readers paired communicate with the same ID.
    - On the settings page we can pair this ID to a user (or just plain text if we are not allowed to retrieve users yet via Homey API, haven't find this out yet)
    - In flows we can user either UID or name for matching.

    For flow cards:
    - System activated (with two parameters, UID and name (name provided via settings page))
    - System deactivated (with two parameters, UID and name (name provided via settings page))
    - Scene triggered (you can trigger scenes by input with the numbers) --> So a card with something like "Scene triggered" with a number variable so that you can filter this and trigger "a scene".

    I would love to hear your ideas and plans so I can take them into account when further developing this device in the near future (hope to have it ready, at least a first version) somewhere before the end of this year.
  • looking good, i'm thinking about changing my AD2000-M  for the tag reader.
    Want that user id ability, to specify scenes for the user that enters the house.
    So if you can provide something like deactivate by user X then ...
  • Sounds great, ill be following the progress and im looking forward to trying it out. Dont forget to enjoy the holidays too  :)
  • So, a sneak preview for people who have the Tag Reader 500 and now how to install things from GitHub.
    I've been working for a couple of evenings now on the implementation of the Tag Reader and got it working to some extend. I'm not completely happy with it as the main feature I wanted to support seems to be not supported in Homey. I'm currently in contact with Athom to see on how to fix it. But for now. Check out the screenshots below and the code on GitHub:

    Trigger Cards:
    - 2 device specific cards: System Armed (away button pressed), System Disarmed (home button pressed)
    - 2 BeNext cards: System Armed (away button), System Disarmed (home button)
    All four cards get tags: User ID, User Name and Tag ID (tag/manual code ID)
    The 2 BeNext cards get a device token, so you can distinguesh the devices (but I suggest you should use the device specific cards if you want functionality like this).

    Condition Cards:
    - Check status of specific user (e.g. user X is home, user Y is away), please not, that when a user COMES home, and this card is used in the same flow it is a bit unreliable due to timing issues. So if you want to check for a specific user that comes home, use the tag (username) and place it in a logic card.

    Action Cards:
    - Set status of specific user to home or away. With this card you can set the status of a user without using the tag reader. (Notice, when a user presents his/her tag or types his/her code, the user status is automatically set within Homey, this card is not needed then).

    Points I want to solve:
    - I want to figure out if there is an option to link these users to the Homey users and read/set their Home/Away status;
    - I want to make Homey the Gateway, but therefor another Z-wave class must be implemented;
    - I still have to implement the correct parameters. It looks like you can set them now, but these don't work yet.

    Any suggestions and feedback are welcome. Please do them via my GitHub (issues) so I can track them more easily.

  • FreeFragsFreeFrags Member
    edited December 2016
    wow thanks for the effort, I know you wanted the issues on your git hub but this is not an issue with your app. i posted a link a while ago with the cheaper nfc tags. They dont seem to work with the reader, havent done to much investigating yet. 

    The one provided by benext with the unit seems fine. 

    I will be playing about with the app to see if I can find any issues or have any suggestions. 

    Cant seem to be able to add issues to your github fork? 

    Ill put them here till i can put them where they belong:
    • Some how I couldnt select a tag the first time i tried to add a user, i removed it made a new one still couldnt toggled throught the other homey tabs back to the benext page and then i could assign a tag to the user
    • Add option to add user codes as well 
  • Found out why the tags wouldnt read.

    Seems that the tags are just not compatible the tag sent with the reader is ISO15693 and the ones from the link are ISO14443-3A. I sent an email to ask if they have the other tags as well and am now stuck with 10 for me useless RFID tags :( classic case of RTFM
  • edited December 2016
    @FreeFrags thanks for testing! Regarding the questions/issues:
    - User codes can be added, just press "Home" --> some numbers (e.g. 1,2,3 or 1,3,3,4) and then "Enter" and the code is registered as "tag" (I can't differentiate between tags and numbers in the current mode)
    - I will look into the bug that the tags are not shown, I think I know where the issue is (some timing thingy) and try to find some time today/tomorrow to look into it

    Regarding the tags, to bad they don't work with the tag reader :( Do they work on Homey? (Homey also has a tag reader).

    I just found out Yesterday that the Zipato and the BeNext tag readers are both the same (well, they are 'white labled') but possibly this code I wrote also supports the Zipato version of the tag reader (as the firmware and device are the same).
  • Received the tagreader this morning and paired it with homey. 
    It did give me an error at the first pairing pages that it couldn't get the zwave driver but it paired none the less. 
    Was able to add benext tags and a code without any problems and everything seems to be working great so far. 
    Thanks a lot!!
  • edited December 2016
    Cool, thanks for testing. I added support for the more advanced class. Now scenes should be supported as well and support for the new typed tags (numbers, strings indication). Homey version 1.1.0 is needed though (so you can only test if you are on the experimental channel).

    A question:
    Is there anyone here that can make an "add" image? Like fibaro smoke sensor, that you see an image of the smoke sensor and that the button is pressed three times? For this device it should be that you should hold the Enter button for two seconds... If someone can make that it would be awesome. I'm also still looking for the device image. But I have no idea how to create a proper svg image...

    ps. re-add of device is needed!
  • Hi there,

    I have a Zipato branded version of the BeNext Tag reader. Is it possible to add support for that one? As it is having other IDs is is not recognized by the app. 

    The manufacturer ID is: 138 / Product Type ID: 7 / Product ID: 257
  • Hi, great app! is the tagreader 500 now fully supported or... ?
    I mean, I can add an user pin and I can add a tag. Next I can connect assign them to an user. In my flows I am able to get the armed status and I am not sure about the disarmed status. The system disarmed is not being triggered ? It is however showing in the benext settings section as disarmed...

    But most important, it seems the tagreader can beep for a period while arming the system? And it can show with a pulsing led that it is armed?

  • I have a Homey arriving soon and want to use for home security. The Zipato seems to be the most available to me - can you add support for that Seems to just be rebranded but reading around seems codes are slightly different...

  • I also have a Zipato keypad.
    The creator of the Zipato app (don't know if he is on this forum) in the athom store asked for the ID's. I gave him the id's @d_janssen mentioned.

  • Does anyone know which tags you can buy that work with the Benext 500?
  • quakerix said:
    Does anyone know which tags you can buy that work with the Benext 500?

    the one that ROBBshop sells
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