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New X10 Homey app on Github and Homey Athom appStore

NattelipNattelip Member
edited November 2016 in Apps


This app receives and transmits X10 signals over the air (433Mhz) (European x10 standard) Makes Homey backward compatible with classic domotica , X10 functions 30 years now.

What works:

  • X10 OnOff device
  • X10 MS13E and lookalikes sensors (light, movement in one sensor)

What doesn't:

  • Dim and All commands not yet implemented.

  • The app shows all kind of referencing and extending possible in node.js 4.6.0 with Ecma6 , programming it was an excercise for Ecma6 and referencing


25-11-2016 admitted to github. and asked admisson app store Athom


  • Thanks for the app. It's working for me..
  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited November 2016
    published in app store

  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited December 2016
    new version on github pending with working dim device
  • This should work with a TM13 (X10 transceiver), right? That device should translate wireless X10 to powerline X10 and vice-versa. However, X10 devices are not responding at all.
    I also have an X10 wireless button keychain. No reaction from Homey on that with a test flow either.
    Am I missing something here? (Besides a log where I can see what's going on.. )
  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited January 2017
    this app is made to send x10 signals as you can read what this app can in the not yet implemented is what to do with incoming signals.

  • flow triggering added for RF received x10 commands
  • JPeJPe Member
    Thanks @Nattelip  now I also can use my Marmitek X10 remote.
  • new update changed interval and sensitivity to new standards of homey 433 signal definition , was changed with no notice or explanation. app cant intall anymore until new pending app is approved and submitted
  • JPeJPe Member
    edited August 2017
    Hi, Is there a problem with this X10 App on Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.0-rc.6, my devices aren't switched anymore since today, while Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.0-rc.6 was installed last night.
  • JPeJPe Member
    Thanks @Nattelip  after a PTP for >10 minutes and restarting Homey, every thing works again perfectly.
  • does the marmitek MS90 alarm motion detector works?
  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited December 2017
    i dont have so i cant test
  • Any chance on adding dimming for X10?
    (looking for a next step in automation, but I have a lot of dimming X10 modules)

    i dont know but it is already a device in the app ??
  • fkeyfkey Member
    Anyone tested the dimming of that app? The app content states:
     What works:
    • X10 OnOff device
    Dimming is not mentioned...
  • i use the dimming myself on the dim device 
  • which works

  • NattelipNattelip Member
    edited March 2018
    27-12-2016  made pair pages complete dynamic, so code only has to be written once for pairing
                added functionality to Dim device , so it works 

    @fkey ;  reading is very difficult  

  • fkeyfkey Member
    Thanks, I indeed omly read the header not the changelog ( thought the header was up to date)
    getting to know the forum, dont ha p e a homey yet. Precondition for buying is that x10 with dimming would work. (Have kot of dimming modules that still do a fine job)

    So this is good news, new target for my savings: a homey (as soon as thay are available again)

  •  :) 
  • fkeyfkey Member
    can you tell me how dimming is implemented?
    * relative dimming (only incremental DIM/BRIGHT commands, so if a unit is ON and want it to 30% I need to switch it off and with incremental BRIGHT commands upto desired level, or somehow store the current level and calculate the required DIM/BRIGHT commands)
    * absolute dimming (ea Command sets the dimmer to the given setting, so if a unit is ON I can change it to 30% without knowing the current dimmed setting)

  • x 10 is only able by the nature of its coding to send dim or bright commands, the homey inteface is by its nature a slider. so moving slider up  fires a bright command vice versa, no abolute or relative binding bewtween the slider and you, r command .  eaxh x10 dim device reacts with its own percentage dimming and brighting. so you have to find out with trial and error how it eworks with your modules. 

  • there is an x10 sdk2 version of the x10 app on github
  • fkeyfkey Member
    Thanks for the clear explanation. You confirmed what i thought, I had not found any information about absolute dimming for X10 via RF.
    I'll probably have to choose for a hybrid implementation. My cm15pro (x10 transeiver) does send absolute x10 dimming commands via the powerline. i propbaly have to keep my scenes in the cm15pro but trigger them via homey. (Feels simpler then building scenes in homey and somehow log the status)
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