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strange behaviour


I see strange behaviour.
When i swich an klikaanklikuit wall socket on by the homey app it is swicht on and off imidiatly.
I hear it klicking and i see it in the app switching from off to onn and back.

Then i use this wall socket in an flow, i see in de homey app the swicht on and of but noting in real live.

Then i swich again by hand in the app en it works perfect!

Someone an idea?



  • @cautje Which type of KaKu wall socket do you use? I had the same kind of experience with KaKu ACD200 (dimmersocket). The KaKu ACD3500 on the contrary works fine, also in flows.
  • @JaHa ;it is an APA3 1500R

  • Strange. The exact same socket does work here perfectly. Maybe create an issue on
  • PhuturistPhuturist Member
    edited November 2016
    Perhaps you have another flow that switches the socket off that also has a valid condition?

    (you could also try and reset the socket before re-pairing, I ran into an issue where an old socket still had some group settings with another socket causing strange behaviour as well.)
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