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Can I 'borrow' a Homey box?

I need to return my Homey to Athom (bricked), but I don't have my Homey box anymore. And buying one box at a shop is easier said than done and the Homey box is specially designed to transfer Homey in a safe way... so I thought, why not ask the great community if I could borrow a Homey box from someone living in Amsterdam! When I get my Homey back, you can have your box back!


  • I have one that you can have, no need to return it. I live in Amsterdam next to Rembrandtpark, just outside the A10 ring.
  • Big kudo's to this community! Did you eat all the pepernoten the same evening @jorden? ;)
  • LOL Almost, I was able to restrict myself and saved a few for another day... but that really was the maximum I could do! :) Thanks a lot!
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