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re triggerable

Is a flow re triggerable of does it keep it first trigger?

A fan is started with a contact, the fan goes on and in the same flow it goes of ather 40 minutes.
What happens when the trigger comes again afther 30 minutes?
Is de countdown clock set again for 40 minutes and wil de first clock be disabled?



  • the build-in delay timer does not get reset when it is re-triggered. it will active 2 next to eachother,
    so press (1) = 30 min, 15 min later press (2) = 30 min
    turns off (1) after 15 minutes, turns off (2) again after another 15 minutes

    you could use the countdown timer app, but that will take 2 flows then, one for setting it on, the other for setting them off
  • THX!
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