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Functionality videos

I understood Homey will soon™ be in the stores, congrats on that, I assume that will lift the BETA branding from the device software?

As most of us, I see real use cases why someone would have a Homey
Geeks, Nerds, Lazy People are the most obvious, but my mom would likely also benefit from the device
I can tell her what it is (already tried) but I feel the best would be a series of short video's,
We could then create a playlist of the selected video's applicable to that person and show them, my mom is really not interested
in asking homey to watch star wars, showing that would likely no longer take the device seriously :smile:         

Wondering if this is in the pipeline :-) 
If you are looking for inspiration ;
- Doorbell rings, homey forwards the "ring" to the ringer in the backyard (homey & kaku)
- It gets dark, outside lights go on, optionally with a look into the flow editor  (homey & hue & KAKU, optionally ABST-604) 
- Same one but for inside..  
- Elderly woman falls, calls "Hey homey, I fell " > homey flashes porch light and sends a message to XYZ (homey & hue)
(on that topic, you guys need to update the phone apps a bit to give it sms & call support so you could trigger a call from homey)



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