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Change homey admin password

How do i change the password of my admin account on the homey ??

Nothing to be found on the forum or the support page.


  • From go to My Account (Your Avatar Right corner)
    You reset it and get an email to set a new password.

  • From go to My Account (Your Avatar Right corner)
    You reset it and get an email to set a new password.


    When you choose your homey on this page and then go to settings,  the option is not available.

    Athom should add it here also, saves a lot of confusing.

  • DJKDJK Member
    edited July 2018
    UPDATE  unfortuantely the edit-option is still pretty far hidden away. I came to this page because of some other situation: I changed my username on the editpage. This because homey is adressing you with this name when you say e.g. Goodmorning Homey.  In my account settings during setup I used my initials, but Homey doesn't pronounce it well. So I decided to change it tot something simple.

    When I start the Homey app (Windows 10),  I land on the "MyAthom-page", where I have to choose my account (there is only one). Here it shows my emailadress and avatar.  

    When I select the account by clicking on my emailadress, I land on a new My athom-page "My Homeys"; here it shows the right username (the one I changed, instead of hte initials). I also see the edited name in the top right corner, together with my avatar.

    When I click on my homey I land on the 3rd page, with the colored background and the 5 options (devices, flows, insights etc). Here it show the right avatar, but still the original username (the initials)...

    When I select devices, I get the screen with the devices on the left and in the upper right corner my avatar with notificationscounter .
    Left of it there should be the edited username, but also here it shows the Initals.

    Does anyone know how to change the username for all screens?
    Also I'd like to know why the notifications-counter stays red with the number, even when you have viewed them...

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